The right to discriminate packaged as protection from discrimination, where have I heard this before.

I am sure I have heard other examples in the past of the religious right using a rule or law, meant ostensibly to protect them, to discriminate against the non religious or even religious folk they just don’t like. I think I will make a tag, “legal discrimination”  just to track this in the future. I am curious how many articles will have this In a year.

“Schwartz also is concerned about how far the exception can go. She supported maintenance workers in a dispute several years ago in which she said Catholic officials argued that the workers were ministerial employees because “they polished the pews in the chapels and they repaired the crucifixes on the walls.”

Supreme court ruling confuses religious.

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Egypt’s election results are in: Muslim Brotherhood wins.

How long will we keep repeating the same mistakes again and again. Religion in politics will only ever bring intolerance, bigotry, and hate.

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New Blog!!

Well this is my new blog. I like the sites I have been blogging for till now but find myself restricted to single topics and wishing to write about others. I am hoping to use this blog to rant againts and battle rligious imposition, psuedo science, conspiracy bunk, political corruption and in the immortal words of Steve Novella, “Woo”. I look forward fo many spirited discussions in my comments here but if you wish to debate and refuse to address points and dodge evidence you will not be welcome to participate.


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